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Amare vs. Volere Bene

Italian Language Lesson for Valentine's Day

What's the difference between Amare vs. Volere Bene?

AMARE is used for romantic or really passionate love.

"Ti amo" is used to say "I love you" to our husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend. This intense feeling of "ti amo" implies the concept of "I feel love for you."

Ti amo expresses a more passionate feeling that's why our loves hear us say: "Ti amo amore mio!" (I love you, my love!)

VOLERE BENE is more like "to care for", refers to feelings, but doesn't include attraction or passion.

“Ti voglio bene” is used with siblings, parents, and friends. We use it to show our affection and love for a friend, a classmate, a grandfather, our dog.

We feel for many people and something that we say more quickly is "Ti voglio bene" than a “Ti amo“.

However, “volere bene” express a feeling of love, it means “I want beautiful things to happen to you,” but it is a “lighter” love, less physical love and more emotional love.

Allora, Buon San Valentino ragazzi!


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