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Back from Tuscany

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Our trip was memorable and surprisingly relaxing. We got to stay here.

It was not what I rented but when you know the owners, they hook you up. :)

Actually this is where I want to have our Women's Retreats. It's an oasis.

Our trip started off as quite bumpy because we had our connecting flight cancelled. And then we didn't get to my mother in law's until 1:30am. Yeah. It was a pain. I was certain that that Universe was teaching me a lesson yet again. Patience.

After that debacle, everything was smooth. We participated in what we could. And we enjoyed this fabulous pool and ambiance in the Tuscan Hills of Val d'Orcia valley.

We visited vineyards galore. In Cetona, we visited the family Del Ticco at Cantina La Frasca. This place was quaint, unique and full of love. Being an only child, Matteo has taken pride in his family business and enjoys explains how they make their wine. It was a delight to say the least.

Our next day was Chianti. We started at Altiero Winery with my friends Paolo & Samuela. Last time Chelsea and I were here we had our tasting in the cantina, memorable yes, but this view took my breath away.

Hills as far as the eye could see. The wine was impeccable, just as I remembered. And this time Samuela gave the tour which was great to hear how she talks about her vineyard.

Next, we visited Lorenzo at Montefioralle Winery. If you remember we did our first virtual wine-tasting with Lorenzo and his wife Manila in May. It was a blast.

Back to back days of vineyards were not the plan but that's how it happened. Next we visited a new vineyard called Casa Lucii located outside of San Gimignano. What a visit it was! We had a private tour with the winemaker Lorenzo Lucii and a sweet Austrian couple who just got married. The stories upon stories Lorenzo shared with us. I was in heaven.

Next post I'll share more about my visit to Casa Lucii in San Gimignano!


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