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It won't miss me

I said to Stefano yesterday, I hope I still have time to do all that I want to do.

Stefano reminded me I still have time. And I will accomplish it all.

The quote that I helps me stay the course is:

"What is meant for me is not going to miss me." Patrice Gordon

I already see my Tuscan home on a Tuscan hill being taken care of.

I already see and feel the warmth of my clients around me after tasting some delicious Chianti.

I already feel the appreciation from the small restaurants and family run villa's that I use for my retreats.

I already know that what I'm creating is what the world needs and what I need to share with the world.

I already know.

I'm on the right path.

Happy Birthday to me! Tanti Auguri a me!

"Do you what you can, with what you got, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt


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