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Italian Language Lesson - Question words in Italian

When you are traveling to Italy, these question words are so important to know.

I've attached a question that would be useful for your travels.

☑️Cosa - What

Cosa vuoi?

What do you want?

☑️Quando - When

Quando e’ aperto il museo?

When does the museum open?

☑️Quanto - How

Quanto costa?

How much does it cost?

☑️Quale - Which/one

Quale ti piace?

Which one do you like?

☑️Perche- Why

Perche e’ chiuso?

Why is it closed?

☑️Come - How

Come stai?

How are you?

☑️Chi - Who

Chi c’e’?

Who’s there?

☑️Dove - Where

Dove il bagno?

Where’s the bathroom?

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