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The Walled in Window

In 1560, The Pucci family used to be allies with the Medici family, but they quickly became enemies when Pandolfo de’ Pucci was kicked out of the Medicean court due to an infamous accusation of immorality.

Filled with anger and rage, Pandolfo decided to take revenge and hired killers to assassinate Cosimo I.

The killers were to hide on the ground floor behind the first window of Palazzo Pucci, the one on the corner of Via de’ Servi, and wait for Cosimo to pass by as he always did on his way to the Church of Santissima Annunziata. Without being seen they would have had all the time necessary for taking aim. But at that time the security of the Medici was very efficient, and the plan was discovered. As a result, Pandolfo de’ Pucci was put on trial and sentenced to be hanged from the windows of the Bargello.

Cosimo I continued to go to Santissima Annunziata as always, but every time he passed that specific corner it reminded him of his close escape and gave him great anxiety. Whether out of caution or superstition, he had the window walled in.

photo credit: Strolling through Florence, by Franco Ciarleglio


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