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Traveling Solo

When I traveled to Italy the first time, I did it alone. I flew 8 hours to Munich then 1.5 hour to Florence. I remember being scared but also feeling incredibly brave. I was so proud of myself.

This was an action no one in my family did or wanted to do. But gosh it was probably the best thing I could've done for myself. It taught me how strong I was at 20 years old.

Solo traveling near Pienza, Italy

Fast forward to today, I still enjoy traveling solo. My body calms. My breath slows. It's something I enjoy doing and keeps me focused on my body. At the start of the pandemic, I didn't know if I would feel the same as I did all those years ago. In September, that feeling came back.

I flew to Italy on September 9th this year. I was alone this time. Stefano and I had travelled in July to visit family but this trip was all about me. When I fly with others my anxiety goes up. Why? I wish I knew exactly why but all I can think of is that I feel like I have to be in control of others while traveling. When I travel alone, it's all about me, my body and how I feel. I listen to myself. I trust myself. I do what I feel is right.

Traveling has been a constant in my life. Mostly to Italy because my heart is there. I know I belong there.

I'm a life long learner. So I'm always finding a reason to travel, to learn, to grow.

For those of you that don't know my full story, I suggest listening to my podcast Florence & Me where ever you listen. On the podcast, you'll learn when I first fell in love with Italy and what has kept me going back for over 20 years.

I leave you today with a thought, If today was your last day, what would you be proud of?

I would be proud of all the chances I took to make Italy part of my life.


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