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Traveling with Ease in Italy

Many people, when planning a trip abroad, forget about the most important parts of your trip:

-How long will you be traveling?

-How heavy are your bags?

-Do you plan on driving?

-Do you know how far your destinations are from each other?

These things people don’t think about, especially when traveling to a country they’ve never been.

I’m here to help you understand what should be discussed before you plan your trip, especially if you plan on driving

How many destinations do you want to visit?

When traveling to Italy, new travelers have no idea how far one city is from each other. Do you really want to see 5 different cities in 9 days?

Italian roads, train tracks are not a straight shot. From one hill town to the next, it might look like they are so close on the map, but the hills are deceiving. The curvy, winding roads are not a myth in Italy. There are roads that are so curvy that you could feel a little car sick during the hour-long trip. And you know what? Most Italian towns have one road that takes you in and one road that takes you out. Same with trains, there's never a straight shot to one town. Unless you are traveling with Frecciarossa, the fast trains, they have the straightest and fastest way of getting from point A to point B.

How heavy are your bags?

Perhaps you’re not interested in driving in Italy, so be prepared to travel by train and by bus. And when you travel by train, you must be able to lift your bags on and off the train, also lifting your bag up into the overhead baggage holder. Make sure you check out my packing list here to help you eliminate all the stuff you don’t need.

Do you plan on driving?

If you want to take on the challenge of driving along the winding roads of Italy, some tips to be aware of. You can only pass on the left on a two way highway. When someone flashes their lights behind you, kindly move over to the right lane. Don’t expect Italians to zig zag from the left to right lane. Also when you arrive at a toll, make sure you have cash to pay (photo with coins and bills). Otherwise choose the correct lane to pay with your credit card (carte). (See photo below)
Photo from Mama loves Italy blog

Do you know how far destinations are from each other?

Be sure to calculate how far your hotel, B&B, agriturisimo is from the airport. Driving in Italy can be tricky if you don’t know how to navigate the city streets. There are a lot of one-way streets that travelers are not aware of. It won’t be fun to get a ticket from the Italian government months after your trip. Yes it happens. Usually there are a few ways to get to your destination, be sure to check how long your GPS says it will take to arrive. Always check to see if you are going to be directed to the autostrada which you’ll have to pay the tolls.


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