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Truly Italy 2022 Accomplishments

As I look back on this year, I had no idea I've done so much for Truly Italy this year.

Here's what I've accomplished this year:

  1. Had a successful Virtual Wine-Tasting with Montefioralle Winery in May.

  2. Had a business trip to Tuscany (was supposed to be a retreat) in June and met new people to work with and visited old friends I want to promote with my retreats.

  3. Had another successful local Wine-Tasting with Montefioralle wine with a close friend Melissa at her Yoga and Pilates Studio in Lake Zurich, IL.

  4. In August, I joined the McHenry Chamber of Commerce (this changed my business completely).

  5. In September, I was a food sponsor (I handed out biscotti cookies and talked about Truly Italy) at the very famous, always sold out Wine Walk in McHenry, IL. It was so much fun!! Thanks to those who joined my newsletter after that event.

  6. At the end of September, I hosted my FIRST Tuscany Travel Retreat in Castelfiorentino. I've been waiting for this since June 2020, when my first retreat had to be cancelled.

  7. I hired my Mother in Law, Fernanda, as our new retreat chef. She is amazing!!

  8. October brought another, very successful Wine-Tasting with Casa Lucii wine with a local networking group that my friend Klaudia, who invited me to this event, hosted at her house AND made all the food. She's a gem. :)

  9. In November, I stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in the popular Chamber Scramble networking event. It was 4 hours of talking about myself and Truly Italy. I made so many new contacts and friends at this event. So worth it!

  10. It's been a full TWO YEARS since I changed my business vision for Truly Italy.

  11. I've surrounded myself with people who believe in me and support me in every way a solopreneur needs. Thank you to those people! :)

I am super proud of all I have done for my business thus far. The biggest (and best) upgrade was joining my local chamber of commerce. They've opened so many doors for me. I've met great small business partners who know exactly what goes into a small business. I've done networking events like the Scramble, chamber events like the Wine Walk, and hopefully going to the Gala this January to meet even more people who want to spend their vacation in Italy.

For the upcoming year, I plan on focusing on growing and nurturing my community. I'd like to connect more with local businesses who want to collaborate. I'd like to start offering more helpful offers on travel to Italy as well as informative freebies.

This leads me to ask my community...I need YOU!!!

I'm looking for more suggestions from my audience (that's YOU) in 2023. I'd like to get as much of your input as possible. I set up a voicemail for you to leave your questions on Italy, Traveling to Italy, Moving to Italy, customs, traditions, how to order a coffee, and even famous spots to visit in and around Tuscany.

Basically anything about Italy, I'm willing to answer.

Can't wait to hear from my fellow Italophiles. :)

Lastly, I was asked to create a workshop on how to apply for your US passport for the first time. I'm working on this. If you would like to know about this, please send me a voicemail or comment below.

Stay tuned for more amazing things!!


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