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Buon San Giovanni

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

This is one of my favorite days. It brings me back to June 2011.

I had been a resident of Florence since 2010, moved abroad in 2009 and this was the year that changed my life.

San Giovanni or Saint John is the patron saint of Florence. Every year (except the last two, damn Covid) there's a huge celebration in the city center. With the final game of Calcio Storico and the amazing Fuochi d'Artificio (fireworks) at dusk on June 24th.

Why is this day so important to me?

Well, Stefano invited me to this celebration in June of 2011. It was our first official date. It was the first time he kissed me. First time, I road on his motorcycle. The first time I felt I found a special person.

I'll leave you with this message. Up until that point, I was dating random guys and not feeling the connection with anyone. I allowed myself to be fully present with him on this night. I let him court me. I expressed myself wholeheartedly. And I stayed honest with myself and him.

Don't ever hide who you are in order to make others feel comfortable. You are a special gift. Embrace who you are.

Ti amo amore dalla luna e indietro! :)


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