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Connection & Clarity

As I start to pack for our first Yoga Retreat for Truly Italy, I reminisce back to 2019 when I started this dream business and dove into the “Yoga retreats will be my thing” idea since everyone I knew at the time were going somewhere beautiful for a yoga retreat. 

I was still teaching my beloved BodyBalance at a local gym, so my clientele were right in front of me. 

I managed to get 6 women to sign up and start paying me for the upcoming trip in June 2020. 

No need to tell you what happened. 

After I returned all their money and cried to myself thinking what a terrible idea I had. 

A thought came into my head “You already said everyone is doing yoga retreats, why are you?”

As 2020 flowed by slowly, I started to follow paths that weren’t for me. I was lost in my own desire to be back in Italy doing something other than teaching English, which I did for 4.5 years prior. 

At the beginning of 2021, I landed on the idea or came back to the idea that I am wholeheartedly in love with sharing authentic Italian experiences with others. 

The message was loud and clear from the Universe. 

Go back to what you know.

I’m so excited for the retreat starting in just under a week. It’s going to be an epic and memorable experience. And possibly something we do every year.

Be sure to check out our 2025 retreats. I cannot wait to share what I have in store for these curated, authentic and intimate gatherings in the most unique places I know. 

Keep an eye out for some special news coming soon!

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