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September 2023 Retreats

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Are you so excited to see what's in store of our upcoming retreats?

You've got two options to join our intimate, bespoke Tuscany Travel Retreats

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Wine & Relax Retreat is for everyone. The goal of this week is to revel in the beauty of Tuscany.

We are staying at Villa Antica Sosta, about 40 minutes south of Florence. We visit small towns and small, family run vineyards where we learn about the history. My fabulous mother in law is our cook for the week. She cooks from the heart and serves her food with love. It's the closest you will feel a part of a Tuscan family. Maria and her husband, Vincenzo, makes fresh pizza from scratch using the custom made wood-fire pizza oven. Each afternoon, there's time to relax at the villa. You can go for a walk, sit by the pool, read a book quietly and even take a much needed afternoon nap.

Each day is filled adventure and exploration. You'll eat at delicious, hand picked restaurants and enjoy daily Italian banter with my mother in law and I.

An example of a day on this retreat:

Breakfast at the Villa

Visit San Gimignano

Wine tasting & Lunch at Casa Lucii

Free afternoon by the pool or walk around Renai (Neighborhood)

Dinner at the Villa

For more information on this retreat go to Wine & Relax Retreat.

Our first Women's retreat will be held at Camporsevoli. And for those of you that don't know, 15 years ago I was a nanny for the family that owns this amazing Hamlet. We are staying for a week at Le Capanne, one of the independent homes on the property.

This retreat will be about introspection and focus on oneself. We will have daily yoga and meditation sessions. There'll be plenty of time to journal, nap, and relax by the pool. On the agenda is a hot spring visit, Montepulciano visit, a wine-tasting and much more.

An example of a day on this retreat:

Yoga Breakfast

Market visit | Shop for our lunch

Lunch at the villa

Optional Meditation session

Dinner at 53040 Ristorante

Check out our photos from our June trip to Camporsevoli.

For more info on our FIRST Women's Retreat click on Spirit & Soul Retreat.


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