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Showing Grace

My client told me how horrible she felt about how she looks. She knows what she needs to do to stay healthy and feel good. After I took her measurements, she wanted me to shame her. She thought it would help motivate her to stop eating the things that hinder her weight loss.

I asked her how she felt after she ate the unhealthy foods. She said "the funny thing is, is that I'm not even hungry."

I told her before she reaches for the cookie, ask herself, why am I reaching for this cookie?

It's all about awareness. How do we feel when we eat a certain food? How do we feel when we are with an unsafe person? How do we feel when we workout?

Awareness of your body, feelings, and surroundings is so important in life.

When I am aware of my feelings I'm able to make the right decisions for me. It's a habit that takes time.

Let's try to show ourselves grace. After a day of eating, perhaps not the healthiest food, showing ourselves grace will help take the pressure off.

Stop saying "I cheated" or "I was bad this weekend" none of what you ate defines who you are as a person.

We need stop beating ourselves up after we enjoy a hearty meal. Our weight, our figure doesn't tell you or anyone else if you are good enough.

All I ask after this long weekend is that you are aware of how you feel after indulging. It's not a crime to indulge either. You only live once.

Now, go back to the kitchen and have one more slice of pumpkin pie. :)


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