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Truly Italy Tuscan Wine Club

Katie Portanova

For lovers of wine, tradition, and culture... and for those who don't just collect wine, but collect stories!

Have you always wanted to:

  • Try authentic wines from Italy?

  • Support small families and local vineyards?

  • Learn about different flavors of wine and how to pair with food? 

  • Have a community of other wine lovers that share your interests?

  • Discover exclusive vineyards and how the wine is made?

  • Get to know the region of Tuscany and its history of wine?

Well… now you can! All from the comfort of your own home.

Introducing the...

Truly Italy Tuscan Wine Club

Altiero Winery
Cantina La Frasca
Casa Lucii Winery


Starting January 2023, our Tuscan Wine Club will kick off with limited memberships available.

We started this Tuscan Wine Club because we felt these vineyards are special ones. We love making connections and sharing small, family run vineyards with our clients.


This is a different type of club!


We want you to be “drinking someone’s story” not just collecting wine. These vineyards have great family stories on how they started as well as the meanings of their wine’s name.

If you are wanting to visit Italy, a great benefit in joining this wine club is that we visit these vineyards in person on our retreats held in September each year. We’ll meet the winemakers and get private tours of the vineyard. Our week-long retreats have different activities and excursions each week. Learn more about our upcoming retreats here.


Authentic wine you won't find elsewhere


Included with your membership...

  • 18 bottles of wine every year - 4 small, family run Tuscan vineyards will each send 3 or 6 bottles of wine to your door every April & October.

  • Quarterly Virtual Wine Tasting hosted by Katie via Zoom to learn more about the wine and region, and connect with other members who also love Tuscan wine and Italy. 

  • Discover Tuscan vineyards off the beaten path from the Chianti to Valdichiana region, and get exclusive access to these vineyards and their wines.

  • Receive quarterly emails explaining the history of the vineyards and recipes to pair with each wine.

  • Get exclusive access to Italy travel through Katie and her Travel retreats. 

  • Receive 5 FREE Travel Guides of the Neighborhoods of Florence. 

Also, important to note...

  • Shipping & custom taxes are included in the price.

  • You’ll get a US tracking number (UPS, Fedex, etc) once your wine arrives in the States. It’ll take 4-6 weeks to arrive due to US customs.

  • All shipments are insured. If there’s any damage (though not likely), we’ll replace the bottles.

  • The package is stored in air-conditioned spaces during the shipment route. The thick packing material will preserve the product quality from any changes in temperature that may occur until the final delivery day.

  • This is NOT an automatic renewal subscription. Each calendar year, you will have the opportunity to choose to renew your membership before non-members sign up.

  • Our Wine Club is for US customers ONLY.

Wine Club payment

Membership Plan Options

Four payments of $185 USD

Automatically charged in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr

Step 1: Choose your payment option above (yearly or 4 monthly payments) and follow the process to purchase your plan - YAY welcome to the club!


Step 2: You’ll get 4 emails throughout the year that will tell you the story of each vineyard before the wine arrives. 


Step 3: You’ll have the opportunity to join our Virtual wine-tastings for each vineyard (after you receive the wine) where we will get to know each other, talk about wine and most importantly, Italy!


Step 4: Go the extra mile… Join us on one of our retreats in Tuscany and see these vineyards in person for private wine-tastings with the winemakers.  OR  hire Truly Italy to plan your upcoming trip to Italy with our Trip Consulting service. OR if you want to try the wine before you join the club, schedule a Local Tuscan Wine Tasting.

If you still have questions, get in touch!

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