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Villa Antica Sosta, Castelfiorentino, Italy

Taking you along the road less traveled through...

authentic Italy

Motorino, Truly Italy

Never been to Tuscany? Don’t know where to begin? This package is for you! Our excursion packages are for travelers who enjoy an authentic experience, in small groups, with real Italians. We're here to offer the most authentic, bespoke, and intimate excursions. Every place has a story, and we'll match the excursions to fit you perfectly. Escape, Experience and Indulge in Intimate, Authentic Tuscany using Truly Italy as your personal guide!

Grapes, Truly Italy

Do you wish you could feel like part of an Italian family, immersed in the culture on a retreat in Italy? Are you a traveler that wants to learn, grow and be in the moment in Italy? Truly Italy provides you with an unparalleled, authentic experience – guided by a resident of Florence with intimate knowledge of local culture. We will introduce you to the city's sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. We guide you through one exciting excursion each day, balanced with relaxation time to reflect on your memories of exploring Tuscany. 

Wine bottle, Truly Italy

Are you a wine enthusiast? Are you interesting in growing your knowledge of Tuscan wines? Our partnership with four small, family-run Tuscan vineyards allows us to provide a guided tasting in your home. Gather some friends, and let us show you the wines of Tuscany while learning about culture and the beauty of the region.

Casa Lucii Wine Tasting

Do you want to experience Truly Italy with REAL Italians?

We'll supply you with an intimate knowledge, insight, and understanding of Italian culture that will open the door for you to travel in and around the local corners of Italy.

Travel helps you step out of your comfort zone and into the beauty of the present moment. Italy is a place where life is hard but there is so much pride in the work, stories, and history you’ll come to learn. Learn how to make the pasta you’ll later enjoy, gaze up at the magnificent architecture of the Duomo, and allow your mind to wander back in time by experiencing the effort and love local artisans put into their work… Truly Italy will take you on an adventure to see the work Italians put into every aspect of their lives - not just for tourists, but for the love of their land. The fruits and delicacies Italy has to offer the world are bountiful.

This is not sightseeing. When you travel with Truly Italy, you’ll have a guide on this immersive experience. From trying authentic Italian cuisine to visiting places that you won’t find on a map, I can’t wait to show you travel that feeds your soul.

Italian travel retreats & trip planning that are...

Intimate ~ Personal ~ Educational

Meet Kate!

I’m an Italian-American with a deep love and reverence for all things Italy! 

I spent 20 years living part-time in Florence, 4.5 of those years as a full-time resident. During that time, I became fluent in Italian and dedicated myself to understanding local culture and to finding places that personify the people and the land.  In 2013, I moved back home  to Chicago with my Florentine husband, Stefano. We knew we wanted to share Italy, the way we know it, with the rest of the world.


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Sunflower field, Truly Italy


..crafting pasta from scratch, the rich aromas of local wine filling the air, and the breathtaking view of the Tuscan Hills at sunset. Join me on an enchanting voyage to Italy's most extraordinary locations!

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