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Altiero Winery

I've never met anyone like Paolo.

His energy stayed with me the whole day. He had a passion about his craft I've never felt before. So SO SO Much Passion.

Altiero was bought by his dad in the 1980s. He then began to be interested in the winemaking process and decided to be a part of the family business.

I think what's important to know about this vineyard is that is it always in the present moment. They are not a big vineyard and they have so much heart.

There wines are so good. I mean are there bad wines in Tuscany? Nope.

Paolo had all of the info about each wine memorized in a way that amazed me. Not like some mathematician, it was the stories of wine that seemed like his children. He was so proud of it and wanted the world to know it.

This story still brings me to tears because....well....I'm very emotional anyways so one would read this and say "of course you're crying, Katie".

I just have never met anyone like him.

Paolo is someone that I want to be every day.

Full of passion and I want to spread it around.

If you are looking for a vineyard to be completely immersed in the wine and the story.


If you want to hear more about my experience at Altiero winery, go to these podcast episodes:

Thank you again Paolo and Samuela!

I'm still reliving my experience with you each and every day!


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