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Buon Natale Ragazzi!

This time of year can be hard for a lot of us. We look back at our year of accomplishments, failures, mishaps, joys, loss, etc. I usually get really down this time of year because I always think about "what I could've done this year" instead of "what I actually did" and be proud of it. Does anyone else do this? Like I mentioned in my last email, I am incredibly proud on how far Truly Italy has come. So thank you to all of you that support, share, and read my emails. Grazie tanto! As for the holidays, I hope you are all spending your holidays with loved ones that lift us up and spark joy in our hearts. I'm sure missing my Nana a lot these days. She always loved Christmas. She's still here in spirit for sure. :) My father in law, Almerico is also very much missed. I still can't believe he's gone. :( If you, like me, are dealing with grief, feel it all. Welcome in the feeling of sadness that they are no longer here in the physical form and the happiness of having them a part of your life. We can feel both: sadness and joy. Now... grab a warm blanket, a cup of tea and a great book. And if you are being covered in snow like us in the Midwest, enjoy the peace of the falling snow. Take a deep breath. Be grateful for all that you have, all that you are and all that you will become. Life is short. Breathe the joy in. Let go of all that doesn't serve your soul. Merry Christmas - Happy Hanukkah - Happy Holidays - Buon Natale

Grateful for all your support and kindness!!! a presto amici, Kate :)

Dreaming of Tuscan summer days like this. Our Spirit & Soul Retreat (women only) will be held here in September 2023!

Le Capanne at Camporsevoli, Cetona

June 2022


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