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Casa Lucii

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

This place is magical. Casa Lucii is owned by the Lucii family. On this day we were guided by one of the winemakers, Lorenzo Lucii.

Our visit lasted almost 3 hours. What a great 3 hours it was. We met a lovely Austrian couple who had married days before. That's what kept us there. We chatted each other up for awhile.

We enjoyed every minute of this tour. So much history and so many delicious wines.

The reason I wanted to visit this place is because we drank the organic wine Purus at a pizzeria near my mother in laws house. I fell in love with it. When I got there I told Lorenzo why we came, and he found a bottle of Purus for me to have a taste. I was beyond happy!

The other wines we tasted were unbelievable! An Honorable mention is MareTerra, a Vernacccia di San Gimignano Riserva white wine that I wish I could have every day. So light and perfect for both meat and fish. Win-Win! I also really enjoyed the Rose called Spicchio. And I'm not a Rose fan. This one got be hooked.

I could go on and on about this place and their wines.

You'll just have to come with me on one of my retreats to see it in person. Casa Lucii is one of the vineyards chosen to be apart of our FIRST EVER Tuscan Wine Club starting January 2023. Waitlist is coming.


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