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Taking you along the road less traveled through...

authentic Italy

This is for you if you’ve never been to Tuscany. When planning for a trip to Italy, you want it to be easy and taken care of from the minute you decide. Our excursion packages are for those who enjoy traveling authentically, in small groups, with real Italians. We're here to offer the most authentic, bespoke, and intimate excursions. Every place has a story, these excursions have been picked for you. Escape, Experience and Indulge in Intimate, Authentic Tuscany using Truly Italy as your personal guide!

Experience the true beauty and culture of Italy with Truly Italy! We provide you with an unparalleled, authentic experience – guided by the expertise of a resident of Florence who has insider knowledge and knows exactly where to take you to truly appreciate the country. You'll feel a part of an Italian family and immersed in the culture. This is just what you signed up for! With having one big activity a day, you can enjoy much needed downtime and do it beautifully with reflection to solidify your memories of exploring Tuscany.

Are you a Tuscan wine enthusiast? We have a partnership with 4 small, family run Tuscan vineyards where we can order their wine and have it shipped directly to you to have a wine tasting. 

Our Tuscan Wine Tasting Party offers you the opportunity to taste delicious Tuscan wines in the comfort of your own home. You and your friends or family can sample the finest Italian wines, all while learning about the world of Tuscan viticulture. Enjoy a unique Italian experience and join us for a Tuscan Wine Party.


Do you want to experience Italy with REAL Italians?

We'll supply you with an intimate knowledge, insight, and understanding of Italian culture that will open the door for you to travel in and around the local corners of Italy.

Travel helps you step out of your autopilot comfort zone and back into the beauty of the present moment. Learning how to roll out the pasta you’ll later enjoy, gazing up at the Duomo and allowing your mind to wander back in time, acknowledging the effort and love a local artisan puts into their work… Italy is a place where life is hard but there is so much pride in the work, stories, and history you’ll come to learn. Truly Italy will take you on an adventure to see the work Italians put into every aspect of their lives - not just for tourists, but for the love of their land. The fruits and delicacies this land has to offer the world are bountiful.


When you travel with Truly Italy, you’ll know what to expect and how best to immerse yourself in the culture to make the most of your time. From trying new dishes to visiting places that you won’t find on a map, I can’t wait to show you the amazing things travel does for your soul.

Italian travel retreats & trip planning that are...

Intimate ~ Personal ~ Educational

Meet Kate!

I’m an Italian-American with the inside scoop on all things Italy! I know the ins and outs of traveling to the best local corners of Italy because I’ve been a resident of Florence for 4.5 years. I've lived on and off in this beloved city for almost 20 years. I’ve been speaking fluent Italian for many years and have an intimate understanding of the culture. In 2013, I moved back home (Chicago) with my Florentine husband, Stefano. Since then I've been creating this business in my mind. Now it is finally ready to be shared with the world. 


There’s always been an urge within me to explore the unknown which has led me to create my own path. Authentic Italy is my passion. My authentic self, who loves Italy deeply, is what you'll get with each interaction on our retreats and consultations.


I want to show you how amazing travel is for the mind, body, and soul. Italy is truly my passion and I can’t wait to share it with you!


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Learning how to make pasta from scratch, smelling the aromas of local wine, and looking out onto the Tuscan Hills at sunset. Join me while I take you to the most amazing places in Italy!

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