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Truly Italy Gift Guide

We are coming down to the last two weeks before Christmas.

Are you still shopping for last minute gifts for you or for others?

Now, these gifts might not arrive before Christmas but take a look to see if any of these inspire you. Also these are shout outs to my support team who have got me this far since Truly Italy was founded in 2019. I recommend all of them for either business purposes or pleasure.

  • Sketchy Notions, my friend Chelsea's stationary company have amazing gift tags and cards to choose from. She also has these adorable cat and plant mini calendars that feature Milly, Maya and Maggie. Check her out! TOMORROW is the last day to shop to get your cards before Christmas.

  • La Pia in Percussina is the vineyard we visited in September with our Wine & Relax Retreat, they have a 3 liter container of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can be shipped to the States. Their Olive oil is unlike any others. If you've never taste New Oil, you must try this!

  • Virtuwell Balance, the women-owned company who transformed my website, is having a 40% off sale of their branding & logo package. If you know someone or need it for yourself, I highly recommend them!

  • Are you struggling with your nutrition? I recommend contacting my friend Klaudia. She runs a Nutrition and Coaching program called My Tulsi Nutrition. This is for those who need health coaching with empathy and compassion. You won't regret it.

  • If you are running a business on social media, you might be needing someone to handle all your posts. I definitely did. Shannon runs Socials with Shan and she's been running my social channels for 6 months. She has helped me a lot. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Honorable mention:

  • I just met Erin a few weeks ago and I absolutely love her!! She is a Socialpreneur with Threads Worldwide. They source their jewelry from women around the world, bringing their artisanal skills to an abundant marketplace here in the US. Fair trade​ is the sustainable alternative to sweatshops. When you shop Threads, you support ethical business practices that empower everyone in the supply chain to earn a living wage. This is such a great cause and the jewelry is beautiful! Tell her Katie referred you!

Truly Italy Gifts to Give

  • Our Tuscan Wine Club waitlist is available NOW! You will receive an email when the doors open (we are planning on January 6th) and you will have the option to join with the Pay In Full or Payment Plan options. Only 10 spaces will be available. First come first serve based on payment received. Be the first to join our year long membership! If you have a loved one that loves wine and the story along with it, buy this for them!

    • Included with your membership...

      • 18 bottles of wine every year - 4 small, family run Tuscan vineyards will each send 3 or 6 bottles of wine to your door every April & October.

      • Quarterly Virtual Wine Tasting hosted by Katie via Zoom to learn more about the wine and region, and connect with other members who also love Tuscan wine and Italy.

      • Discover Tuscan vineyards off the beaten path from the Chianti to Valdichiana region, and get exclusive access to these vineyards and their wines.

      • Receive quarterly emails explaining the history of the vineyards and recipes to pair with each wine.

      • Get exclusive access to Italy travel through Katie and her Travel retreats.

      • Receive 5 FREE Travel Guides of the Neighborhoods of Florence.

Host a Tuscan Wine Tastings in McHenry County at your home or place of business. Another great gift for a loved one who loves wine and wants to learn about how wine is made in Italy. Please book a month in advance. Wine takes about 6 weeks to arrive from Italy.

  • For 10 people, three types of Tuscan wine (2 of each) totaling 6 bottles that are shipped directly from Italy.

  • For more than 10 people, three types of Tuscan wine (4 of each) totaling 12 bottles that are shipped directly from Italy.

  • Kate will tell you the history of the vineyard, how the wine is made and learn more about these family run wineries.

  • After the tasting, there's an opportunity to buy the wine from Kate. The wine will be shipped directly to your home. *Note* Wine-Tastings requested outside of McHenry County will include a $50 travel fee.

Buon Natale a tutti!!


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